Why Hire a Web Design Company?

Web Design

Hiring a web design company could be the best thing you can do for your business. Nowadays, it’s not enough to have a website. If you have something online, it should be designed and developed well. Layout, typography, content and usability should all work together to deliver efficiency to the customer. This is done through smart designing.

Functionality Matters

Did you know that 39% of consumers won’t go back to a website if any one component takes too long to load? In fact, the optimum loading speed for any page is 2.4 seconds. This time enjoys the lowest bounce rates and highest conversion rates. On the other hand, if you increase that number by one second, you’ll see a major increase in these two factors.

To add to this, browsing for goods and services in tablets and smartphones increase yearly. Most consumers now visit websites using multi-screens, switching from one device to another. Today, roughly around 11% of consumers will view websites using laptops or PCs alone. This is why it’s important to have a site that can adapt to any screen.

Without a properly designed website, it’s impossible to do effective business online. Better contact a reliable web designer today to get started.

Content Matters

Although the quality of your content matters, layout and presentation play a huge role as well. A majority of internet users would rather read an article that’s easier on the eyes, regardless of what it’s about. If the article is hard to read, chances are, they won’t read it. Regardless of how well-written your content is, it’s important to focus on how users will perceive it at first glance.

The goal of any website is to deliver important information to the user. Without data, it’s impossible to make a sale. You want customers to trust your brand enough to make a purchase online. This is done by providing enough information about your company.

Something as simple as your complete contact information – including the address – could do a lot to improve your brand’s reputation. According to a recent survey, this is the most common piece of data most companies forget to include on their website.

It is a must to have a quality website for your company. Hire the best service provider in Melbourne today.