A Strategic Approach in Creating Corporate Videos

Corporate Videos

Corporate videos are one of the most important online marketing tools. Here are three reasons why you should go ahead and implement them in your online campaigns:

Corporate Videos Are Accessible Now More Than Ever

Expectations and technology have come a long way in recent years, which makes online video sites more accessible to both consumers and producers of content.

First, the consumers have lowered their expectations about the quality of online video production.

Secondly, the technology was adapted to provide a less expensive alternative for companies seeking to explore corporate video campaigns. Devices for recording and editing have affordable prices. Chances are, you have in your pocket a device that records at HD resolution. Even professional equipment has gained much ground in this direction.

If a few years ago, besides a consistent budget for production, you needed a more consistent budget for distribution on TV, today, online channels like YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook allow us to distribute the video free. The special thing about this type of promotion is that it is targeted to a specific audience and measures results very precisely.

Retain Your Visitor’s Attention

In the online environment, retaining the visitor’s attention is very difficult. Did you know that 65% of those who are watching a corporate video watch more than 75% of the material?

Increases Your Conversion Rates for Online Campaigns


Adding video to your campaigns increases the click number in the mail three times.

Landing Page

If you have a video on the landing page, you can increase the conversion by 80%.


The video on your web pages propel you to Google results and increases the time spent on your site.

Social Media

Videos in social media campaigns grow 10 times the possibility for visitors to interact with your posts.

Now that you understand that the importance of the corporate videos in digital marketing is virtually indisputable, you’re probably wondering what you need to know to make the videos have the desired impact. You must answer three questions:

•    What type of content will I make? Will it be educational or entertainment? Will it be a presentation or one illustrative material?

•    Who is the target audience? If you address everyone, you might not have the wanted results. Identify who your target audience is and make the video for them.

•    And the most important question: Why would they care? Why would they be interested in watching it? What is so unique about your material so that they watch it? And what do you hope that they will think, feel or act after looking at it?

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