What is Tree Pruning?

Tree pruning is the process of cutting down branches and leaves in order to preserve the health and life of the plant. It also serves to improve the aesthetic quality of the growth. It’s best performed by certified arborists or horticulturalists, as the wrong method of cutting could result in damage or disease.

How is it different from lopping?

Lopping is the process of indiscriminately cutting the tree parts. The method of cutting heavily impacts future growth. Most professionals will cut a branch at the apex to promote the formation of healthy ones. Lopping completely disregards these methods. Cuts can be made anywhere, as long as the desired shape is achieved.

To prune a woody plant means cutting it in such a way that preserves its health. The branches, buds and roots are selectively removed correctly. If there are any diseased or decaying parts, they are cut off. This prevents bacteria from spreading.

Why is it done?

Promoting the health of the woody plant is one of the main objectives of the process. Overgrown tree parts can deplete nourishment from the entire growth. In some instances, they need to be cut to sustain the plant’s life. Other health reasons include:

  • Sick or dying trees
  • Severe infestation of insects or animals
  • Damage due to storms, wind or any other accident
  • Stubbed and exposed branches
  • Branches that grow too close together

Other plant life grows more branches when pruned correctly. Some arborists do the process to make hedges denser and more visually appealing. Removing some branches also give enough nourishment or the plant to bear flowers or fruit.

Another reason why professional prune trees is safe. Some trees pose a threat to passers-by, especially if there are a lot of dead branches still attached. They could easily break and fall to the people and properties underneath the tree.

This process is done for a variety of reasons. It can help the plant to grow stronger and healthier. It also keeps people safe from unstable growth. Regardless of the reason, only trained professionals should prune trees.