Tips On How To Design Signage

Creating the signs in your business could be done best by professionals. But this does not mean you cannot join in the creative process. Being the customer, you have the last say in any advertising and creative endeavour. Hence, you take an active part in the design process by conceptualising the signage yourself. Here are some tips to be one of the amateur signwriters:

Define your goals – Signs may serve different purposes. While most businesses use them for advertisement and promotions, some use these tools for information and advocacy. As an amateur sign designer and content writer, you need to be exact in what you want to get from your signage. Write them down as future reference for professional signwriters.

Think of a theme – Choosing a theme makes it easy for you to come up with a colour scheme, typography and other design elements for your signage. For example, if you want to incorporate spring theme, you can choose vibrant and lively colours with flowers and foliage. You may also want to use cursive fonts to suggest active but casual living during the season.

Choose the appropriate image – Now that you have a concept and theme in mind, you need to choose the exact image that can visually represent your goals. Make sure to use only sharp and high-resolution photos for best results and more powerful impact. Hire professional photographers if possible for this purpose.

Write catchy copy – You also need the appropriate message in text form. Come up with a catchy copy in a very casual and friendly tone. Make it short, simple that can deliver a clear message to your customers without much fanfare. Connect with their emotions by addressing to them directly. Try to avoid using jargon and technical terms. They are great for legal documents and research papers, but not for marketing materials.

Come up with rough sketches – Provide at least rough sketches of your envisioned signs, including their possible sizes and shapes. This will serve as guides for professional signwriters on what you want to come up with the final products.

Hire competent professionals – Unless you are a professional designer or artistically inclined, you need the suggestion of experts in creating signs. Choose a company with years of experience, a list of impressive works and other credentials. You may also need to get their references from past customers.

Designing signage can be fun and exciting. With the tips above and assistance of signwriters Melbourne.