The Best Way to Clean Plantation Shutters

Does your garden have plantation shutters? That’s a smart move to have them in your house. It is common for people to use them to shield their flora. However, despite their exemplary designs and uses, it is important if you keep them in a clean condition.

It is advisable to regularly clean plantation shutter to maintain their looks and working conditions. If you clean them, they will serve you for a longer period. There are better methods of cleaning it. The type of material you use will dictate the cleaning method you will employ.

Most are made of wood. Others could be made of plywood or metals. Here, we discuss how you can effectively clean your plantation shutters made of timber. First, it is important to know the type of wood they are made of. If they are made of popular wood, consider simplicity in cleaning. It is advisable to use a small brush or dusting cloth. You can use a vacuum cleaner to spruce up your cleaning. Do not use hard brushes or excessive water whilst cleaning.

Use the vacuum cleaner to eliminate debris and dust effectively. Ideally, use the dusting cloth to remove dust and any other dirt from between the shutters. After you’ve eliminated dust, using a wetted piece of cloth, gently scrub off stains from the timber. Use a dryer piece of cloth to dry off the wetted spots on the timbre.

You may have built plantation shutters to cover your house, prevent excess light penetration and for privacy. These shutters tend to get more dirt on them. Therefore, attend to their cleanliness with keen intensity. Detergents or soaps will be handy.

First, add the detergent to the water and test it on a hidden part of your shutter to ascertain that it won’t bleach your shutter. You may use a pressure washer to remove loose dirt from the shutters. Use the detergent water to wash off stains.

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