Some Random Ideas For Photo Booth Design

Photo Booth Design

What makes photo booths more fun to use is its ability to be customised by the people who wishes to use it. For any photo booth hire to succeed, they need to provide a wide range of options for personalisation. Many uses costumes, backdrops and other materials to make their stalls appealing for users. Here are some possible items that you can choose as background for photo booths:


Superheroes theme – This is a common background chosen by kids. Posing beside an admired superhero is a dream come true for most children who want to be associated with their idols.

Scenes from a movie – Movie scenes can set the mood and emotional tone of any photo booth hire. You can even capture a photograph with the movie poster as background. Just make sure you don’t use the final image for commercial use as you can be sued for copyright issues.

Landscape – Are you a lover of nature or landscapes? You can put your favourite fields and other views as your background to your photos. The beauty of nature can enhance the artistic qualities of the images you intend to produce from your photo booth hire.

Chalkboard/whiteboard – Want to have an academic and scholarly vibe in your photos? Why not pose with a chalkboard or whiteboard as your backdrop? This is perfect for kids and students who want to keep a photo during their youth.

Favourite paintings – Want to be a part of your favourite masterpiece? Why include yourself in the artwork that you admire the most? Renowned paintings can be a visual treat worth adding as a background to your photo.


Wigs and past clothing – The hairstyles and apparel often define the generation, especially of the past ones. For seniors, wearing them for a shot in a photo booth can relive the moments of the yesteryears.

Balloons – Balloons are every child’s favourite decoration. These inflated materials can make photos colourful and bubbly.

Polaroid or Instagram frame – A photo often looks better if they are placed inside a frame, whether Polaroid (for the oldies or Instagram for the latter generation.

Each company has its own artistic strategies and gimmicks. You should check photobooth hire for the best service in Sydney. It uses the best technological devices that anyone can use for various events, whether formal or casual. Call the company now.