Things to Remind Your Bat Mitzvah Events DJ

A Bat Mitzvah signifies the coming of age of a Jewish girl, usually when she reaches the age of 12, also signifying her readiness to participate in public worship and other religious celebrations. And since times have changed, many families now consider hiring a Bat Mitzvah events DJ to help make the event more fun, memorable and successful.

Here are things to remind the disk jockey whom you hired for the event:

Give him a copy of the programme flow

Give a copy of the program flow to your DJ. Are you trust his choice of music or are you going to provide a list of the list of songs?

If you’re going to include a traditional Israeli dance portion in your celebration, let the DJ play in during the liveliest hour of your party.

A program flow will let the disc jockey determine when it’s time to cut the party music and play the slideshow or video presentation you’ve prepared for the celebrant.

Be ready for anything

Find one that has worked for a Bat Mitzvah celebration prior to yours. That’s because an experienced disk jockey has surely experienced various issues such as technical problems or a late guest performer. Remind him to make sure that the party stays alive and fun, even during and after an unlikely situation.

Talk with the event organisers in advance

Timing plays a big deal in any major celebrations, especially when the lights and music are in sync with each other.

Have your disc jockey talk with the event organisers in advance to make sure that he knows when to play the right sets of music, as well special video presentations included in the program.

To find time to eat

It’s only right to feed the people you hire for a certain event. Notify your disc jockey in advance to use the eating time to grab something to eat as well. Just be sure soft background music is played all throughout until it’s time to proceed with the rest of the program.

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