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Timber Flooring: Things to Avoid

You might have read a lot of articles discussing things you need to do to maintain and clean your timber flooring. However, you also need to think about the things you need to steer clear of. Below are things you need to avoid to keep your timber flooring at its finest:

  • Avoid using harsh or abrasive chemicals to clean the floor—You should avoid using ammonia, all-purpose cleaner (powder), dishwashing detergent, oil soap, and any silicone- or wax-based products.
  • Do not use steam mops—The use of water in any form, including steam, should be restricted. The heat from steam mops can thermally break down the floor’s protective layer over time.
  • Pouring cleaning products directly on the floor is a big NO!—Taking the shorter route of spreading cleaning products directly on the floor is one of the biggest mistakes you will do. The effect is almost the same as cleaning the floor with too much water. Liberal application of cleaning products in spots may absorb into the wood and may cause an uneven finish. It may also cause the floor to swell over time.
  • High heel shoes? Completely no!—High heel shoes may cause denting in timber. It is best if you leave shoes at the door and not wear them inside. Heels, especially ones that are damaged, can act as a chisel on the floor.
  • Dragging heavy appliances or furniture should not be done—Lift them carefully instead and place them back to their new position. Furniture straps and felt pads can be a great help in lifting the heavy objects over the timber flooring.
  • Never leave your dogs, or cats’ nails remain untrimmed—It is necessary that you groom your pets regularly. Their nails may scratch your floors, and the scratches may become permanent.

Now, if you find it hard to give your timber flooring some TLC, hire the professionals instead. Look for a high-quality timber flooring company based in Bankstown today. They will surely assist you and give you quality service.