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Why Security Doors are Popular

Gone are the days when households had a flywire screen entrance. These home accessories have been replaced with the modern security door.

Your homes security starts at the door and we can see that from the classic metal framed screen gate that old houses used to have. The latest models are built with advanced technology and have innovative designs.

These products have been created with extreme durability in mind whilst looking great at the same time. The same modern technologies have formed screens that are highly resistant to blunt force (such as a sledgehammer hit) whilst offering the kind of protection that you are looking for and providing your living space with the appearance you want.

There is a handful of reasons why safety screens are rising in popularity:

Fits All Models: Entrances can be installed in various designs. The screens can be adjusted to fit any model, from the modern sliding screen to the old-school look of “cottage” white steel.

Lightweight: The current generation of entrances allow a lot of light in the house whilst being design-friendly at the same time. These are found in modern households with room for many windows so that they do not cross with natural lights.

Different Designs: The latest safety entrances are compatible with different designs. One reason why these styles are pushing aside the obsolete ones is they can fit with almost all kinds of entrances. The screens that are formed in a mesh may not be invisible, but it may as well be that way. It is hard to notice them once they are installed, and they will not impact the design of your home.

If you have a consultant inspecting the perimeter of your house and you ask about a security door, he will tell you that safety screens are better than the traditional “fortress” entrances. This is because the screens are more effective at stopping break-ins.

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