Red Flags When Getting an Office Cleaning Service

Keeping your office clean keeps morale and hygiene levels high. For dependable and regular cleaning, you should hire a company with specific services dedicated to office cleaning. Here are some red flags to avoid when hiring cleaners:

  • No Referrals to Give

One of the best ways to know about the company is by getting in touch with former customers. These people can give you honest feedback on the thoroughness of their cleaners, the materials they use and other significant details you should know. This prevents you from hiring suspicious individuals. Find a service provider in Brisbane who has good reviews from their clients.

  • Unclear Pricing

When negotiating for a price, you should be given a clear outline of costs. This way, you know what amount of your money goes to the labour, materials and other factors. Without this, you might be surprised with an unexplained additional expense. Go for a company that offers free quotation services. This way, you will be getting an estimate with all expenses listed even before settling on an agreement.

  • Lack of Worker Protections

A company that does not provide insurances for their workers fails to protect their assets. Make sure that their cleaners are covered by worker’s compensation and public liability insurances. This way, you are assured that they will be properly compensated should accidents that happen during work hours. It also frees you from expenses that might be incurred when damages to property are sustained in the performance of the job.

  • Refusal to Provide a Contract

Perhaps the biggest red flag in hiring a service provider is if they refuse to give out a contract. This serves as protection for you and the company as it outlines all the agreements made during negotiation. If a company does not provide a written document of your agreement, then you should find a more reputable and reliable one.

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