Four Office Refurbishment Ideas

With different interior designs emerging in the market today, you may notice that your conventional office space is getting drab and outdated. You can change this by getting an office refurbishment service. Here are four ideas you should consider:


Industrial Look

Gone are the days when super polished interior designs are the most sought-after look for offices. One of the rising trends in office designs is the industrial look, which utilises metal, wood and concrete. This is often combined with neutral colours, exposed beams, pipes and utilitarian items.

This gives off a seemingly unfinished appearance. Moreover, it exudes a refreshing vibe for those tired of the traditional office setting.

Open-Plan Offices

This type of design is another upcoming trend, especially for start-up companies. It makes use of wide open spaces. Generally, this kind of layout puts glass walls to replace concrete ones. It enables easy communication, flexible spaces and a homier feel. It also eliminates cubicles and places long tables, couches and coffee tables as shared workspaces. This makes for a more sociable and comfortable environment.

Creative Designs

Instead of plain, boring walls, why not designate one for wall arts, paintings and other artistic pieces? You can opt for modern or contemporary interiors, alongside artistic lighting. Different coloured, but harmonious coloured walls can be used to represent your branding. This is fit for businesses in the creatives industry. It can motivate employees and get their creative juices flowing.

Designated Lounge and Work Areas

Do not let your employees eat on their desks. This gives a feeling that they cannot take a break from their work, even during their break time. Instead, designate lounge areas where they can eat and socialise with each other. A separate work area can help them concentrate better. For those with limited space, you can make your work are a multipurpose one, which you can use for conferences and everyday tasks as well.

Remember, you do not have to limit your space to a traditional setting. It should feel like a home to your people. For top-notch office refurbishment service, check out today.