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Spit Roast Dishes You Need for Your Party

Spit roast food is tender, moist and flavourful. Cooked continually over a low fire while basting in its own juices, rotisserie is perhaps one of the most underrated types of cooking. It is a great addition to a simple family get-together or even a big party. If you’re looking for new ways to add rotisserie food to your menu, here are a few ideas.

Spit Roast Chicken

This is arguably one of the most popular types of rotisserie meat. You see them in supermarkets everywhere: whole chickens rotating inside a huge oven. A good way to add a unique twist to your menu is to have the chicken roasted over coals or an open, controlled fire.

Cooking chicken over coals or a controlled fire imparts a unique, smoky flavour to the chicken – it tastes undeniably roasted. Whilst oven cooking will give you a bit more control over the process, you won’t regret it when you taste a chicken leg cooked over coals.

Roasted Pig

Whether it be a slice of pork or the whole pig itself, a roasted pig is a favourite that encompasses borders. Whole roast pig boasts of tender, juicy flesh with crispy skin. Slices of pork are tender, flavourful and caramelised.

Roasted Fish

A lot of people are surprised to find that a delicate meat like fish can be cooked on a rotisserie. It’s perfect for this type of cooking because low heat will keep the texture of the fish intact. Fresh fish is the key to success when it comes to roasting. It’s best done on freshly caught fish.

Roasted Vegetables

This is another shocker for people who are new to rotisserie. A few vegetables that are great for roasting are:

  1. Onions – Once they caramelise, they taste very sweet.
  2. Tomatoes – When the skin blisters, it turns juicy and sweet.
  3. Pineapples – Roasting cuts the acidity of the pineapple

So many vegetables are ideal for spit roast cooking. In fact, many varieties of fruits improve their flavour when roasted.

This takes a great time to prepare however you can hire a reliable spit roast caterer to have these dishes at your party. Contact the team now to get started.