Doing an Online Hearing Test

The hearing test is a basic process that has become standard procedure to describe behavioural auditory sensitivity. It is performed in an area that has no noise using the audiometre. Before starting the audiometric exam, certain requirements must be met from the patient and the environment in which the testing takes place.

Conditions to Be Met Before the Exam

  • The test can be done at any age. The minimum age at which a hearing test can be executed is based on the consistency of somatic and mental development and the abnormality in the psychomotor development of the patient (because of the risk drop temporary threshold, they should not be exposed to noise at least three hours before the hearing test). Before the test, they need to know some details about the patient and his hearing.
  • The patient should sit in the room without a sound. The technician will explain how they will do the testing and the patient is instructed to respond immediately whenever he or she hears a tone (even when he or she thinks that is the only sound) and stops when there is no sound.
  • The signalling method is pressing the button when the patient is perfectly healthy physically and mentally, lifting a finger or verbally responding (final response is accepted as the voice can change acoustic ear canal).
  • The patient must be restrained if he or she signals in the absence of sound. Before testing, the audio pipelines will carefully be examined.
  • The headphones must be focused on external aids. It needs to ensure that there is enough pressure, so the patient must take off glasses and earrings. The equipment parts that come in contact with the patients should be cleaned to prevent possible transmission of infections.
  • For testing, pure tones are used, generated electronically, and the intervals between the frequencies of the signals are tested by an octave. The hearing is tested separately for each ear both in the airline management and in leading marrow.

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