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3 Signs That Your Toilets Need an Upgrade

Our life can be more stress-free when our toilets are in decent shape. Imagine having to deal with a leaky seat every time you use it. Obviously, this isn’t a good experience plus, it can cause sanitation issues. Slipping accidents can also happen which injure both kids and adults. Here are some signs to upgrade the toilets at home:

  1. Visible damage on the bowl

We are guilty of ignoring the early signs of damage. In the bathroom, we can clearly see cracks on the tiles or the toilet bowl but we don’t do something. Until one day, the material will totally crack and cause harm to the user.

The lesson here is simple, you must not delay the repair because the problem may become worse. The cracks on the toilets should be replaced immediately to avoid accidents.

  1. Nasty smell in the bathroom

Do you ever smell something nasty on the bathroom? If there’s no dirt on the sink or flooring, it could be the bowl. Inspect the fit out to see if there’s leaking. Stains and dirt are the signs of a leak in this material.

Mould formation surrounding the toilet can also mean a problem. Call a plumber immediately to resolve the problem. If the expert says you need to replace the unit, then contact Bathroomware House.

  1. Clogs often

When the flush is always acting up, you need an upgrade. Using the plunge every now and then is a big mess and can cause bacteria build-up. Why not change the unit itself and get the problem solved? There are sophisticated toilets available in the market today which has advanced features like:

  • Self-cleaning
  • Get rid of foul smell
  • Flushes itself
  • Seat warming

If the unit is already old, move on and buy a new one. There are affordable products in the market that can make your life easier and hassle-free.