Choose Successful New Home Builder

We put great importance in serving all our customers right. Our experienced team will make sure you get what you are looking for in your new house. You will certainly not regret hiring us as we will keep in touch with you in every step of the process.

As an established new home builder, Fernbrooke Home Builders has served the most renowned clients in the country. We are not ashamed to admit our list of clients is a who’s who in the business industry of the country. There is a good reason why we are recommended by some of the most recognised names in different industries here. We take pride in making sure all our projects are successful ones.

Multiple Awards

Due to our excellence in the construction and design, we have received multiple awards in different categories. We are proud in admitting we worked hard for the awards, so there was no doubt we deserve each and every one of them. With each award we receive, we only get motivated more to serve you better. We would also love to know how we can improve so if there’s anything you would want to suggest, kindly tell us.

Easy Process

Everyone thinks the process of building a new home is a confusing one. As a new home builder that wants to make it easy for our customers, we will make everything easy for you by explaining to you each step. If you have any questions about the process, we would be more than happy to answer them. Our mission is to make everything as easy as possible for you so you don’t have to worry about the process being difficult.

No Hidden Charges

We give you a fixed price for the entire process so you can plan out the budget. We guarantee there won’t be any form of hidden charges as we are aware how annoying those charges are. They come out of nowhere and you don’t know why they are there. Our fixed price already covers everything that was done.

After Care

We are a new home builder that puts into great importance how you’re doing after the home is built. We follow up every now and then to find out if you are completely satisfied with the project.