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Principal Rules for Good Website Design

Nothing can turn off a visitor than a poorly designed website. There’s something about a small font and a bright coloured background that makes us want to close tabs immediately. This has been the case ever since website design is implemented. Therefore, if you want to drive traffic to your site, better invest in quality design and development. Here are the five basic rules to create a responsive web design:

Clarify purpose

Are you trying to use this channel to drive more sales or simply to boost your presence? Better define the goal of your site to fulfil the particular need of users. If you’re selling a product, showcase it through photos, reviews, features and product-testing videos.

You can also be creative in marketing the product using entertainment. For example, if you’re introducing your newest collection of cosmetic line. What you can do is find someone influential and shoot them for a video reviewing the product.

Easy to read information

Communication should be enhanced with the right use of words and phrases. Make the content of the site easy to read and straight to the point so the message can be quickly absorbed. Beef the customers with the essential information they can use.

Balanced colours

Seek help from web designers to get the right balance of colours. This element can either entice or disturb visitors. So, it’s essential to make everything pleasing to the eyes.


Be consistent with the navigation so people can easily move around the site. Include tactics such as logical page hierarchy, clickable buttons, three click value, and more. Clients are satisfied when they can find whatever they want on the website, so take this seriously.

Mobile friendly

It’s so easy to create the beautiful design, but the challenge is how you combine elements that will be compatible with all kinds of the device including smartphones.

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