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Latest Trends in Web Design

Designing websites is a very dynamic field. Just like in any forms of art, designing trends in the web changes too fast to cater to the changing tastes and preferences of online users. What was cool design three to five years ago may no longer be fashionable at present? Hence, you should make sure that the web design services you are hiring are updated with what is cool at present in the world of web designs. So, what is hip and cool in the world of website designing in 2017? Here are some trends that you can incorporate into your company website:

Layouts that allow viewers to focus more on content – Content, whether it is text, photo, infographic or video, is the heart of websites. In the past, designers add too many decorations to the site that they compromise the functionality of the content. Many use decorative fonts but are difficult to read by viewers. Many leading companies that offer web design services put more emphasis on the accessibility and readability of content.

Bigger and bolder type – In a very busy and information-loaded world we now live in, web users don’t have much time to browse through the details of your site. They want to grasp what you want to tell them instantly. Using short catchy messages rendered in big fonts can easily catch their attention.

More focus on animation – As web animation technologies become more accessible and easier to use, designers want to capitalise it by using them in websites. The animation is an entertaining way to explain your products and services. It can also make your viewers hooked in your site longer than the usual text and photos. Ask the design company you are hiring if they offer animation as part of their web designing services.

Use of intuitive navigation – For your website to be enjoyed by your viewers, it must be easy to use and navigate especially if it is viewed in smartphones. You need to make sure that its design and layout can make it user-friendly with fewer complications.