Brand New Vs. Second Hand Home Office Furniture

Would you choose to get a brand new or second-hand home office furniture? It will all depend on some considerations and your available options and resources.

Compare the following factors to find out which one you prefer:


When you buy home office furniture fresh from the factory, you will get warranty either from the manufacturer or the shop. For some manufacturers or retailers, they do not allow transferring of warranty, say selling of the furniture will completely void the warranty. But for other shops selling second-hand items, they may or may not include warranty when selling their items. Thus, you should ask the store owner about it.


For sure, brand new items are perfectly smooth and fresh. Thus, if you are considering appearance, buying brand new is your better option. They come fresh out from the factory and are 100% sealed. Thus, expect that office furniture can be shipped direct and free from any scratches or marks. You can always return the item if you see tiniest imperfections.

On the other hand, when you buy second hand, expect that there were few scratches as they have been used. When buying used things, you should check on its overall appearance before purchasing it. There are second-hand items though that almost look brand new or because they are refurbished, thus making it look even more presentable than those that are fresh out of the factory.


In terms of the price, brand new is more expensive. Thus, if you don’t have enough funds, buying second hand can be a good option. Don’t force yourself to buy a new item if you cannot afford it. You can just settle for second-hand home office furniture for the meantime. Once you have enough money to buy brand new, you are free to do so. You should also consider the value of used items. Some of them are collector items that can rake in thousands of dollars.